Jennifer Cardinal
5th Grade ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies
School Phone Number (912) 537-4755

Courses Taught:

5th Grade:

English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math 

Welcome Back Students!!!!!

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Its Time For School!!!!

I am a 5th Grade teacher here at Sally D. Meadows.  For the past few months I have been a virtual teacher, teaching both ELA & Social Studies.  However, as students are starting to return from the virtual setting I will now be teaching all subjects to students in the 5th grade.  2019-2020 was my first year teaching.  I was also the Employee of the Year recipient for 2019-2020.  Prior to teaching 5th grade, I spent 3 years as a Special Education Paraprofessional also with Sally D. Meadows.  I have my Bachelors Degree (2003)  in Musical Theater and am currently attending Graduate School to obtain my Masters of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my job!  I am truly blessed to be a teacher for Vidalia City Schools.  I am originally from Upstate NY, where I was a Box Office Manager for the NY State Theatre Institute as well as a performer and then became a mom and homemaker.  

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